Saturday, July 13, 2013

Prada Candy

Red Mini Bag- Prada , Sweater- H&M , Giraffe Head Necklace- (X)S.M.L, Sunglasses - V.I.P

Back to Malaysia again for the holiday is really recalled all my 3 years memories when i was lived there. And also my habits to take a pictures and always dressed up when im hangout. I've spent my holiday with my beauty friends Diana and Joseline who accompany me to travel around, shopping andvisit many place and never forgot to take photos.

I've 4 photo sessions with Diana, and its really pleasure to be her photographer. ill give u one of teaser for her next post on her blog. Dont forget to visit her blog :)

Neon Freak

 this is the backstage photos of one of my friend's collection at for Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) event. and her name is Raissa Ng.

Her unique playful and bold style was shown as the neon color was pop up and so eye catchy makes everyone curious and want to see. Unusual ready to wear design that she created were contains a lot of new invention of the details  and put in her collection by using an expectable materials such as the Mica plastic and the hard acrylics for the accessories.

Good Job Raissa and Thanks to allowed me to take a pictures and gain more inspiration and expericed, All the best!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Le Tigre Culte

Stylist & Photographer : Bianca Agustina Tandy
Model : Audrey Yusman

Hello world, its been a long time im not posting of my art work or my personal pictures.

 So well after a few months in the middle of busy day, there is a competition for (x)s.m.l to reconstruction their collection and styling the looks. actually its kinda last minutes project. so i asked my friend to help me be a model, because all my personal photographers (LOL) including my mom are so busy with their business so i cant exist in this look! poor me.  

 i already knew this competition news since 2 weeks ago, but i dont have any moods to do it. because the prize its too interesting so i decide to join it. i still dont know the result is. Honestly, I haven't post it yet until now.  i just finished editing the pictures and cant wait to POST IT, to update my EMPTY blog page. Today morning ill send it, Fingers crossed. But i dont know i think im not gonna make it, because it should be a long sleeves shirt but i bought it the long sweater AHAHA! 

Alagamulaaa~ i dont care anymore.
 i was realized it when i want to see their email yesterday, but unfortunately i already buy their black sweater. its impossible that i should buy another shirt and spend IDR400 something again, too expensive :(

so again i just construct my brother's shirt and randomly paste a little small black triangles with an iron, put a pocket and button cover line. As i'm too in love with this tiger 's head things, and i was inspired then falling in love with Kenzo, so i decide to mixed up those into my looks. i put my Tiger Collar pins. and for the sweater i put the triangle fabric that i already stick with my master pieces ! TIGER's HEAD embroidery. 

Gutten morgen Indonesia`
02: ## a.m 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hi people! even though im not busy but i really have a tough weeks. and no taking any single picture for the moment. It was a worse end of January as my heart is easily to getting hurts and i keep saying 'its okay' to my self. but really i dont know whats wrong with me, but i really hate my situation right now. (p.s ; im not PMS, haha)

I got this USA FLAG print legging on August last year for my crazy random birthday present ever i got in my life from my best friends. maybe for u who is not stay in Indonesia, ull be happy and fine if u have this print legging, but in Indonesia, its so rare and weird feelings if u wear this. every people will stare on you like u are wearing a clown outfit, but today finally i decided to wear its to my short course college. and Happy my lecturer said that is a cool legging.

And Chinese New Year is coming ! I need to prepare my new outfits :D 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

The World is Our Championship


Today I've learned and feel grateful that i can help people in the social activities near my home for the flood victims. Its not much that i can give. i only help to give the medicines help the doctor. i dont know any medicines so they tell me to write the bags of the pills. 

I found my old tee said "The World Championship". but for me The World is our Championship , so if we have a chances to have it why not we try to save it and care it.
by the small thing we can do.

Au Revoir 

Let The Statue Tell a Story

Beige Massimo Dutty 's Cardigan and white tank top with the Red Bricks Jegging
Marie Claire 's Wedges

This photo was taken when me and my mom decide to go after we enough hibernate at home because of the Flood in Jakarta. So i decided to wear a simple outfit coz of i need to drive also, no driver that day. and luckily Im didnt hit that block wall when i parked at parking lot, it was closed !! Before we went there, i asked my mom, "Mom ur so pretty today, and i felt the same too, so can you take a picture of me?" and some its blur but its okay. at least i have something to post. this is one of my home decoration and one of best spot to take a photo. hope u guys enjoy it.

au revoir ~

Friday, January 18, 2013


Hai guys. I haven't do any photo shoot for my look again. because its been 3 days i only stay at home, so i didnt dress up and always wear my comfortable clothes especially PAJAMAS, i love pajamas so much! haha. So i spent my day in my lovely room, so this is it my room i called it The Orange Room, SPOTTED : MY CHILDHOOD PHOTOS the one with big frame.

I cant go anywhere because Jakarta is flooding now. Thanks God my home area is far away from the flooding area, but i also cant go anywhere and im afraid that i cant go home because im stuck in the middle of traffic and flood. Please Pray for Jakarta. but HONESTLY i love rain so much.

Then what about my hair's look now ? it is good for me ? better Long or Sh**t ? This is only my mom's old fake hair. i dont know why, when i use it it feels like real in me. But i PROMISE someday if i have a boyfriend, i want this look. i want cut my hair short and lose some pounds. because with this look i need to be skinny first. haha. In this photo i saw the mature me, the pretty me, the new me, the confident me. but in reality im trying to be that and i believe i can be like that, so dont judge me only through the picture, because im farr awayyy from the perfection. and pardon me for some silly faces.