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Bianca means white(pure, original) and Colletta means Collection in Italy . Bianca is really want this name to be famous as one of Brand or Shop or Anything in the world. This Blog is personally made by her since January 2013, and contains about journey of life , photos, fashion, movie review, and many things that would happening in Bianca Agustina Tandy's life. And she also want this blog help her to building her passions of life and keep her remember every single moments that ever happen in her life. 

"I saw it and want you see what i see
Follow and Like (Instagram)
I tell and you may listen
Follow and i'll approve (Twitter)
I pose and post
Please Hype me (Lookbook)
I share and you can read
Follow and you can comment (Bloglovvin)"

contact me via email : biancagustina@gmail.com

 I'm happy I'm here so you can find me :) 

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