Friday, January 11, 2013

Recall Repost and keep Remember it

From Laptop Camera to SLR to S3 to Instagram :) .

Actually i ever had blog before i decide to make a new one. but i forgot the password then thats it violaaa. i make it a new one. Well my name is Bianca Agustina Tandy.  Im born to be a last and the only daughter who love to take a photos (narcism) but im not really pretty or charming or photogenic and i do love to pose with my silly faces (but ill update later).  I love to direct some models and do stylist to them too. Im not really good to post and make a great blog.  But i do really want and hope it will goes smoothly and keep update. These are some photos of me were taken on last 2011 -2012 when its get started to know about fashion blogger, and i learned what its fashion about, I was starting to put make-up on and dress up nicely and let it to be uploaded until i finished study as fashion designer at Limkokwing,Malaysia and have fashion show for my collection.

So this is it. Happy New Year 2013. and Say Hello to my new Blog.
(simple and still on progress to build and decorate my page) 

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