Sunday, January 20, 2013

Let The Statue Tell a Story

Beige Massimo Dutty 's Cardigan and white tank top with the Red Bricks Jegging
Marie Claire 's Wedges

This photo was taken when me and my mom decide to go after we enough hibernate at home because of the Flood in Jakarta. So i decided to wear a simple outfit coz of i need to drive also, no driver that day. and luckily Im didnt hit that block wall when i parked at parking lot, it was closed !! Before we went there, i asked my mom, "Mom ur so pretty today, and i felt the same too, so can you take a picture of me?" and some its blur but its okay. at least i have something to post. this is one of my home decoration and one of best spot to take a photo. hope u guys enjoy it.

au revoir ~

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