Friday, January 18, 2013


Hai guys. I haven't do any photo shoot for my look again. because its been 3 days i only stay at home, so i didnt dress up and always wear my comfortable clothes especially PAJAMAS, i love pajamas so much! haha. So i spent my day in my lovely room, so this is it my room i called it The Orange Room, SPOTTED : MY CHILDHOOD PHOTOS the one with big frame.

I cant go anywhere because Jakarta is flooding now. Thanks God my home area is far away from the flooding area, but i also cant go anywhere and im afraid that i cant go home because im stuck in the middle of traffic and flood. Please Pray for Jakarta. but HONESTLY i love rain so much.

Then what about my hair's look now ? it is good for me ? better Long or Sh**t ? This is only my mom's old fake hair. i dont know why, when i use it it feels like real in me. But i PROMISE someday if i have a boyfriend, i want this look. i want cut my hair short and lose some pounds. because with this look i need to be skinny first. haha. In this photo i saw the mature me, the pretty me, the new me, the confident me. but in reality im trying to be that and i believe i can be like that, so dont judge me only through the picture, because im farr awayyy from the perfection. and pardon me for some silly faces.

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