Thursday, January 17, 2013

Queensland, Australia, 2010

Its never wrong to recall this memory again, open and look every single album, and look what i found.

I really miss this moments. when my parents(mama and papa), my aunty(mami) and uncle(papi) and my brother (cousin) visited my sister (cousin) when she was going to be graduated that moment. But a week before it we went to Queensland to took a short vacation there. 

mami is my mama's sister, they are so closed each other, but also arguing a lot, never stop gossiping but it would end with arguing. haha. Im so lucky that i have 2 moms and 2 dads in my life haha. so i my ampau (money pocket) will always double. (correction : not always.) 

cici fellycia, mami, mama and me
while in Queensland we ate fresh scallops and Fish and Chips. (always and only)
My little Older Sister. HAHA, Im taller than her, and everyone always said that my face is Boros
(wasting ages,get mature early)

My papi (uncle) is a photographer, thats why he rarely appeared in photos. thanks to him that we got a lot of great photos in great place. We were rent a car so my brother was driving with a GPS, and we were passing a great view and we didnt want to miss it, so we will stopped by and take a picture there.

Tips for me, Use something bright such as Red, Blue or Pink or maybe yellow, while your parents dont really like to use a bright color, so that will make the photos stand out, its different case with mine, my moms is still fashionable and trendy, they also wants to look young and good in photos and do a crazy photos too.
Yes please Its holiday ! So make it memorable as possible and make it every time is precious, because its only once in your life time, and the plane ticket is not cheap too.

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