Thursday, January 17, 2013

SNSD : Childhood Addiction Style (I Got a Boy)

another sparkling ear headband. for the record our Heroes Logo such as batman, superman,etc will trend for 2013
Boy London T-Shirt is Trend now !!
They use childhood circle pin, Mr.Smile, marbles, and cartoon's cast
Rainbow Ombre Hair Dye & Tiger Scarf become a belt

Today Is A Good Day
lego and marbles embellishment 
Super want this Donald Duck Jacket 

I bet u guys already seen this music video. i think this is the best and greatest look so far. 
and they were ROCK it ! This look is completely inspired by 'what a kid (esp:BOY) addict with"
Game, Cartoon, Superheroes, many more that u'll spot in their outfit.
i dont know why even this is not my style. (actually i really want to use something like that, but it didnt fit nice on me) BUT im totally in love with their costume especially the boxy jacket. or maybe that one actually the boy's jacket or menswear.  
Some people say and comment this style is totally disaster, but for me its so fashionable and artistic, well we cant use it while we hang out, because this is a stage costume, but for me this is such an inspiration for my daily look, maybe like only use the jacket with the simple t-shirt and short. 
yeah i completely in love with their jacket. 

So Good Luck For Their Come Back Album!

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