Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Hi people! even though im not busy but i really have a tough weeks. and no taking any single picture for the moment. It was a worse end of January as my heart is easily to getting hurts and i keep saying 'its okay' to my self. but really i dont know whats wrong with me, but i really hate my situation right now. (p.s ; im not PMS, haha)

I got this USA FLAG print legging on August last year for my crazy random birthday present ever i got in my life from my best friends. maybe for u who is not stay in Indonesia, ull be happy and fine if u have this print legging, but in Indonesia, its so rare and weird feelings if u wear this. every people will stare on you like u are wearing a clown outfit, but today finally i decided to wear its to my short course college. and Happy my lecturer said that is a cool legging.

And Chinese New Year is coming ! I need to prepare my new outfits :D 


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