Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Le Tigre Culte

Stylist & Photographer : Bianca Agustina Tandy
Model : Audrey Yusman

Hello world, its been a long time im not posting of my art work or my personal pictures.

 So well after a few months in the middle of busy day, there is a competition for (x)s.m.l to reconstruction their collection and styling the looks. actually its kinda last minutes project. so i asked my friend to help me be a model, because all my personal photographers (LOL) including my mom are so busy with their business so i cant exist in this look! poor me.  

 i already knew this competition news since 2 weeks ago, but i dont have any moods to do it. because the prize its too interesting so i decide to join it. i still dont know the result is. Honestly, I haven't post it yet until now.  i just finished editing the pictures and cant wait to POST IT, to update my EMPTY blog page. Today morning ill send it, Fingers crossed. But i dont know i think im not gonna make it, because it should be a long sleeves shirt but i bought it the long sweater AHAHA! 

Alagamulaaa~ i dont care anymore.
 i was realized it when i want to see their email yesterday, but unfortunately i already buy their black sweater. its impossible that i should buy another shirt and spend IDR400 something again, too expensive :(

so again i just construct my brother's shirt and randomly paste a little small black triangles with an iron, put a pocket and button cover line. As i'm too in love with this tiger 's head things, and i was inspired then falling in love with Kenzo, so i decide to mixed up those into my looks. i put my Tiger Collar pins. and for the sweater i put the triangle fabric that i already stick with my master pieces ! TIGER's HEAD embroidery. 

Gutten morgen Indonesia`
02: ## a.m 

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